Welcome to the Lycan v. City of Cleveland Class Action Website

This is the official website for the Lycan v. City of Cleveland Class Action. The Court of Common Pleas of Cuyahoga County, Ohio has certified a class action lawsuit between Class Members and The City of Cleveland, Ohio. The lawsuit is known as Janine Lycan, et al., v. City of Cleveland, Civil Action No. CV 09686044. In the lawsuit, the trial court has found that The City of Cleveland assessed traffic fines against non-vehicle owners (including lessees and renters) whose vehicles were photographed by automatic enforcement cameras operating in city limits between approximately December 1, 2005 and March 11, 2009, in violation of Cleveland Codified Ordinance (CCO) 413.031.

This website contains important information about the Class Action. The Documents menu button provides important documents and forms for Class Members.

If you believe you are a Class Member and need to update your address, you may do so by clicking on the Update Address button below. If you have changed addresses since you were assessed a traffic fine by the automatic enforcement cameras, you must update your address to receive your Notice of Class Action Fairness Hearing and to ensure that any repayment of the unlawful fines and penalties that may be ordered by the court, together with any interest that may be ordered, will be sent to the correct address.

Update: On September 13, 2018, the Court entered a Final Judgment in favor of the Named Plaintiffs and the Class Members in the total amount of $4,121,185.89, as restitution for the civil fines and penalties that were wrongfully collected and withheld by Defendant. The Court found that interest based on the reasonably anticipated gains from these misappropriated funds is not recoverable in this action. This Final Judgment was appealed, and the decision was affirmed by the Court of Appeals for the Eighth Appellate District. However, the City of Cleveland has petitioned for an appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court. As such, the timeframe for distribution of award payments to Class Members is not yet known.